Sunday, September 26, 2010

WCOOP 2010 Round Up

I've just busted out of my last WCOOP event (Event #58: $530 PLO HU), and it's time to do a round up on my results this season.

In contrary to FTOPS, I actually stuck to my original plan. Here're the events I played and the respective results:

Event 10: Sept 8 12:00pm: $265 PLO Knock-Out Cash: $0
Event 16: Sept 10 2:00pm: $215 PLO 6-max
Cash: $1750, Placed: 31st of 2154
Event 19: Sept 11 1:00pm: $109 NLH (10-min levels)
Cash: $0
Event 29: Sept 15 12:00pm: $265 NLO8 Knock-Out Cash: $100 (2 Knock-outs)
Event 38: Sept 18 1:00pm: $530 NLH Heads-Up
Cash: $0
Event 40: Sept 18 5:00pm: $530 HORSE
Cash: $0
Event 49: Sept 22 12:00pm: $215+1R1A NLH Cash: $1281, Placed 103rd of 1654 (didn't rebuy nor add-on)
Event 58: Sept 25 1:00pm: $530 PLO Heads-Up (2 days)
Cash: $0

So overall I spent $2659 and cashed $3131 for a net win of slightly under $500. Obviously I can't call this result satisfying but hey, at least I didn't lose money.

In terms of overall gameplay, I feel that I'm playing better than before and am definitely more comfortable in deep(er) stack play. On individual events, my impressions of my play and the game:

Event 10: Sept 8 12:00pm: $265 PLO Knock-Out: I failed to build a stack early on so the Knock-Out worked to my disadvantage. I busted in the 2nd hour. In general I sucked.

Event 16: Sept 10 2:00pm: $215 PLO 6-max: I went deep on this one just not deep enough. Played for 11 hours before cashing 31st of 2154. During hour 6-8, I was in contention within top10 in chips, and saw real hopes in getting to that final table. In general I played well and was able to hold up to the length of the tournament.

Event 19: Sept 11 1:00pm: $109 NLH (10-min levels): No idea why I even bothered with this one after spending the previous night without sleep grinding Event 16. Spewed and gambled when I should be in bed catching up on sleep. Superfail.

Event 29: Sept 15 12:00pm: $265 NLO8 Knock-Out: This isn't in the plan and I impulse-signed-up. I'm a bad hi/lo player and I in general have no fucking clue about NLO8. The game itself is actually a lot more solid than the name suggests and it's not all shovegamble. I knocked out 2 guys to reduce damage to $165. Also learned that 12am starts on weekdays are vbad.

Event 38: Sept 18 1:00pm: $530 NLH Heads-Up: Round 1 exit. Ran top pair top kicker into middle set. Easy game.

Event 40: Sept 18 5:00pm: $530 HORSE: Didn't do well in this one. Somehow got scooped while holding a 7low and a Q high flush in Stud8. Maybe it's me or maybe the fucking cards just weren't working.

Event 49: Sept 22 12:00pm: $215+1R1A NLH: This is a fun one. I built nicely in the first 2 hours so didn't rebuy/addon. Game turns into deepstack tournament after rebuy is over and it's super fun to 5bet bluff ppl off hands. I was in top10 chips a few moments here and there but eventually busted. Exhaustion mattered a bit on this one.

Event 58: Sept 25 1:00pm: $530 PLO Heads-Up (2 days): Another round 1 exit! Basically got chips in on the turn holding the nut straight and idiot tankcalls with a nut flush draw. He hits naturally. FML.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

WCOOP Event 16: $215 PLO 6-Max

I went deep but not deep enough in WCOOP Event 16: $215 PLO 6-max. The pot was guaranteed to be $500k and IT DIDN'T GET THERE. We had a total of 2154 players, yielding a nice (and rare) overlay of $70,000. I finished 31st, which is pretty deep in all standards, just not deep enough. The prize money is a puny $1,750, versus the top prize of $78,000.

Needless to say going deep in any tournament requires a few (or many) lucky double-ups. Mine came as a timely fashion as I was down to $1750 chips at the 2nd break. By the 3rd break I was up to $13140. I stuck to my strategy of getting big pots in with guys either weak or dumb or on tilt. It worked. At the 10th hour I basically lost it to a new table where at least 2 out of the 5 guys weren't afraid to 3bet my raise, and I so happened to be on about 30BB and getting consecutive hands of KKxx, QQxx, and JJxx, in that order. I basically had to raisefold 1/3 my stack away. And then obviously I get it in with a big draw and miss etc. All bust outs are spectacular only to the buster so I won't rant more.

Still, getting a payout helps as I busted the $265 PLO KO without much of a fight. I plan to play the $109 NLH 10-mins-lvls aka shovefest tonight, if I can stay awake till 1am. GLME.