Thursday, October 13, 2011

MPCC: $10k 6-max NLH

I'm heading to Macau tomorrow to play in the Macau Poker Cup Championship. I've decided to sit out the Main Event this year as I've been busy as of late and I can't squeeze 4 days out of my schedule. There's also the fact that I have very little incentive to play full-ring NLH events (or full-ring anything, as a matter of fact). Therefore, it's natural that if I could only make one event, it'll be the $10k 6-max No Limit Hold'em.

The tournament itself starts at 6pm but I'll be arriving in Macau three hours early. I'm happy to have secured a room at the new Hotel Okura which is within the Galaxy Resort. I'll hopefully check into my room and if the sun is out, spend a couple hours lying on the Galaxy Resort artificial beach. I'm also supposed to have dinner with Dale Philip (@daleroxxu) who is an interesting character online but I've never met in real life.

After dinner I'll be arriving at the Grand Lisboa poker room to (late) register in. I'm supposed to dominate my 6 handed table for a few hours until Day 1 ends and gather an insane amount of chips. That's the plan but obviously I can't be sure of it happening. One thing I can be sure of, however, is that my table will be very, very loose. =)

After Day 1 of the tournament there's a plan to hit Cubic. That's all I'm gonna say cuz it'll probably be all I'll be able to remember.

It should be fun!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunshine Of My Eyes

just walked pass the hong kong apple store for the first time ever (no I'm not an ifanboy so I didn't do the overnight pre-open line-up), and it stroke me as many are mourning steve outside the store. this song came to mind:
"you are the sunshine of my eyes,
that's why I'll always be around.
you are the apple of my eyes,
forever you'll stay in my heart."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

Today is a Black day for the innovative world. Apple has announced that their founder Steve Jobs is dead. I'm sad and affected, more so than when any other famous person has died. That is because when Steve was around, Apple created innovative products that truly fitted my personal needs and wants. It's like losing a personal friend. Steve has changed my perspective on many things. The iphone forever changed how I use a phone. The Macbook Air literally changed the definition of a computer. Even the ipad, it redefined the accessibility of information. I honor that.

I'm also sad because the innovative world will never be the same. I might be too naive to think that if Steve were healthy, we would've gotten an iphone 5 instead of an iphone 4S. But it's evident that Apple decided to take the safe road this time around and give an incremental update in the iphone 4S, instead of a total redesign which would've been the iphone 5. Apple decided to put sales ahead of innovation, to put investors ahead of users, and that I think is something Steve wouldn't have allowed. The iphone 4S marks a fallout of innovation. It reintroduced 2010 technologies and duck-fed them down their fans' throat. Dual-core processors, over a dozen Android phones had them six months ago. 8 megapixel cameras, we had those since 2005. 3.5" screens, they look like they time-traveled from 2008. Fixed antenna, don't even get me started on this. Most importantly, Apple has moved from leading the industry to catching up to it. The iphone has fallen behind peers. By playing not to lose, it lost.

A lot of people out there will go and buy an Apple product in honor of Steve. I won't. I will truly honor Steve by not buying an Apple product until it's met with Steve's standards. Say No to iphone 4S.