Sunday, September 26, 2010

WCOOP 2010 Round Up

I've just busted out of my last WCOOP event (Event #58: $530 PLO HU), and it's time to do a round up on my results this season.

In contrary to FTOPS, I actually stuck to my original plan. Here're the events I played and the respective results:

Event 10: Sept 8 12:00pm: $265 PLO Knock-Out Cash: $0
Event 16: Sept 10 2:00pm: $215 PLO 6-max
Cash: $1750, Placed: 31st of 2154
Event 19: Sept 11 1:00pm: $109 NLH (10-min levels)
Cash: $0
Event 29: Sept 15 12:00pm: $265 NLO8 Knock-Out Cash: $100 (2 Knock-outs)
Event 38: Sept 18 1:00pm: $530 NLH Heads-Up
Cash: $0
Event 40: Sept 18 5:00pm: $530 HORSE
Cash: $0
Event 49: Sept 22 12:00pm: $215+1R1A NLH Cash: $1281, Placed 103rd of 1654 (didn't rebuy nor add-on)
Event 58: Sept 25 1:00pm: $530 PLO Heads-Up (2 days)
Cash: $0

So overall I spent $2659 and cashed $3131 for a net win of slightly under $500. Obviously I can't call this result satisfying but hey, at least I didn't lose money.

In terms of overall gameplay, I feel that I'm playing better than before and am definitely more comfortable in deep(er) stack play. On individual events, my impressions of my play and the game:

Event 10: Sept 8 12:00pm: $265 PLO Knock-Out: I failed to build a stack early on so the Knock-Out worked to my disadvantage. I busted in the 2nd hour. In general I sucked.

Event 16: Sept 10 2:00pm: $215 PLO 6-max: I went deep on this one just not deep enough. Played for 11 hours before cashing 31st of 2154. During hour 6-8, I was in contention within top10 in chips, and saw real hopes in getting to that final table. In general I played well and was able to hold up to the length of the tournament.

Event 19: Sept 11 1:00pm: $109 NLH (10-min levels): No idea why I even bothered with this one after spending the previous night without sleep grinding Event 16. Spewed and gambled when I should be in bed catching up on sleep. Superfail.

Event 29: Sept 15 12:00pm: $265 NLO8 Knock-Out: This isn't in the plan and I impulse-signed-up. I'm a bad hi/lo player and I in general have no fucking clue about NLO8. The game itself is actually a lot more solid than the name suggests and it's not all shovegamble. I knocked out 2 guys to reduce damage to $165. Also learned that 12am starts on weekdays are vbad.

Event 38: Sept 18 1:00pm: $530 NLH Heads-Up: Round 1 exit. Ran top pair top kicker into middle set. Easy game.

Event 40: Sept 18 5:00pm: $530 HORSE: Didn't do well in this one. Somehow got scooped while holding a 7low and a Q high flush in Stud8. Maybe it's me or maybe the fucking cards just weren't working.

Event 49: Sept 22 12:00pm: $215+1R1A NLH: This is a fun one. I built nicely in the first 2 hours so didn't rebuy/addon. Game turns into deepstack tournament after rebuy is over and it's super fun to 5bet bluff ppl off hands. I was in top10 chips a few moments here and there but eventually busted. Exhaustion mattered a bit on this one.

Event 58: Sept 25 1:00pm: $530 PLO Heads-Up (2 days): Another round 1 exit! Basically got chips in on the turn holding the nut straight and idiot tankcalls with a nut flush draw. He hits naturally. FML.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

WCOOP Event 16: $215 PLO 6-Max

I went deep but not deep enough in WCOOP Event 16: $215 PLO 6-max. The pot was guaranteed to be $500k and IT DIDN'T GET THERE. We had a total of 2154 players, yielding a nice (and rare) overlay of $70,000. I finished 31st, which is pretty deep in all standards, just not deep enough. The prize money is a puny $1,750, versus the top prize of $78,000.

Needless to say going deep in any tournament requires a few (or many) lucky double-ups. Mine came as a timely fashion as I was down to $1750 chips at the 2nd break. By the 3rd break I was up to $13140. I stuck to my strategy of getting big pots in with guys either weak or dumb or on tilt. It worked. At the 10th hour I basically lost it to a new table where at least 2 out of the 5 guys weren't afraid to 3bet my raise, and I so happened to be on about 30BB and getting consecutive hands of KKxx, QQxx, and JJxx, in that order. I basically had to raisefold 1/3 my stack away. And then obviously I get it in with a big draw and miss etc. All bust outs are spectacular only to the buster so I won't rant more.

Still, getting a payout helps as I busted the $265 PLO KO without much of a fight. I plan to play the $109 NLH 10-mins-lvls aka shovefest tonight, if I can stay awake till 1am. GLME.

Friday, August 20, 2010


FTOPS recap: I didn't play any event I planned to play, but I did play the $535 HORSE and the $109+R PLO. In HORSE I never got it going and went out when I got scooped in Stud8 holding an ace-high flush and a 7 low in a 3-way pot. (yes I know how the fuck did that happen right?) In the PLO I kinda sorta bubbled (101th, pays top 90). But as they say, you can't be afraid of bubbling if you wanna win the big monies.

WCOOP: Here's my plan. Seeing what happened to my FTOPS plan I wouldn't put too much faith on me actually following it. But here it is anyways:

Event 10: Sept 8 12:00pm: $265 PLO Knock-Out
Event 16: Sept 10 2:00pm: $215 PLO 6-max
Event 19: Sept 11 1:00pm: $109 NLH (10-min levels)
Event 32: Sept 16 12:00pm: $320 NLH 6-max
Event 35: Sept 17 2:00pm: $215+R NLH
Event 38: Sept 18 1:00pm: $530 NLH Heads-Up
Event 40: Sept 18 5:00pm: $530 HORSE
Event 41: Sept 19 1:00pm: $215 NLH
Event 49: Sept 22 12:00pm: $215+1R1A NLH
Event 58: Sept 25 1:00pm: $530 PLO Heads-Up (2 days)

So to play all of the above I'll need roughly $4000. Still cheaper than an APPT event! lol.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


FTOPS is next week so it's time for me (and you) to sit down and work out what I'll be playing. (See link here for schedule.) As always I have very little interest in full-ring games. Here's what I think I'll most likely play:

  • Event 8 (Sat August 7, 14:00ET): $535 PLO 6-max (PLO 6-max is one of my better games.)
  • Event 11 (Sun August 8, 14:00ET): $129 NLH Knock-Out (full-ring NLH is boring as hell so the KO element might unbore it a bit, maybe.)
  • Event 12 (Sun August 8, 16:00ET): $535 NLH Heads-Up (I don't usually pass the HU events, depends how I do in Event 11 tho, which honestly means I'll likely end up 2-tabling)
  • Event 20 (Wed August 11, 14:00ET): $216 7-Game (I'm a mixed games specialist but no 2/7 triple draw could mean less value. And since I'm not doing HORSE so I'm obligated to play this.)
  • Event 23 (Thurs August 12, 14:00ET): $322 PLO Heads-Up (PLO HU is the fun.)
  • Event 26 (Fri August 13, 14:00ET): $216 NLH 6-max (shorthanded NLH is a game that I actually pay attention in, in contrast to full-ring donkashit.)
  • Event 32 (Sun August 15, 14:00ET): $256 NLH 6-max Knock-Out (6-max AND knock-out? I'm in.)
  • Main Event (Sun August 15, 18:00ET): $640 NLH (The Main is probably the only vanilla full-ring NLH I can put myself thru, only because it kinda feel incomplete without it.)

Of the above, I'm most interested in Events 8, 20, 26, 32. See you at the virtual felt!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mid-stake poker in Hong Kong is (near) dead

Poker in Hong Kong went from mediocre to completely bad over the last 12 months or so. It used to be that 25/50 NLH was the standard game with some 50/100 on weekends. Now? No one but a few good players are willing to play 25/50 anything. The standard right now is 10/20 NLH and if lucky there might be a table of 10/20/40 PLO. Which totally sucks. Some try to organize 25/50 PLO but it usually turns out very dry with 4-5 good players sharing 1-2 bad players. At the end of night being up 1BI is considered good and 2BI amazing. I played reasonably well one time for 3 hours and managed to win 60BB. LOL. I have to say, unless the 25/50 scene improves, I can't be bothered with playing live in HK anymore.

Suggestion: get people adapted to 25/50 PLO. People meaning casual players who can laugh off a couple of Buy-ins, or small time grinders who want to try their hands on the big(ger) stakes. (hint: last thing we need is more pros.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Self Note for getting SD reader to work on Audi Stupid Stereo System

I wanna keep a self note but I dunno where I should write this so it might as well be here so anyone who's having the same struggle can read up.... The struggle being getting the SD card reader on the Audi stereo system to say something other than "Unreadable". By Audi stereo system I'm referring to the newer version that comes with a built-in SD card reader. (I have a 2009 A4, for ref)

For a product of 2009 this SD card reader is remarkably outdated. I've took it for granted at first and randomly popped in a 4GB SDHC filled with MP3s in subfolders only to get the "Unreadable" error. After trials and errors I found that this reader requires a tight specification on the card for it to work. So here it is:

1. The card must be 2GB or below;
2. The card must be old-style SD and not the newer SDHC;
3. The card must be formatted to the older FAT16, and not the newer FAT32 (note: if you're a Mac user you're out of luck. The only FAT format available in OS X disk utility is FAT32 (which is confusingly denoted as "FAT"). Get a SD format app or use Windows);
4. I heard brand matters but can't confirm all brands. (I CAN confirm that my Toshiba 2GB didn't work while my Sandisk 2GB did);
5. Filenames must be in English or the file won't be recognized;
6. Filenames must be shorter than a certain number of characters (which I don't know exactly, I renamed all my songs to the abcdefgh_##.mp3 formats);
7. I heard files can't be in subfolders but I also heard some had it to work even in folders (just put them all in root to be safe imo).

That's it.

Conclusion: this SD card reader thingy is a piece of junk but it still kinda beats not having it at all.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yo yo yo

It's July so that means it's Macau Poker Cup time! I'll be back at the big(gish) scene of poker this weekend in Macau. Look out for me in Day 1A on July 9 at 8pm! I'm more determined than ever to win one of these so I'm definitely not there to mess around this time. I'll try to tweet as much as I can (data roaming is fucking expensive and Macau doesn't seem to support text-to-tweet (correct me if I'm wrong)).

Also, look out for a new Chinese/English magazine called Tao of Winning. I'm featured in their debut (July) issue.

Let's gogogogogogogogogo!!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heads-Up Match for PokerTVAsia

I'll be filming an episode for PokerTVAsia tomorrow called Mad Props. Basically I get to play HU against another guy for a silly prop bet which is a punishment thing on the loser of the match. The match will be filmed, with hole cameras and all. The happening of the silly prop bet will also be filmed, for viewers' pleasure and the loser's dismay. The production is professional (as I've previewed some of their other shows), like something you would wanna catch on ESPN2. The final product will be available for viewing online in May, naturally thru

So, this other guy who I'm gonna play with and hopefully beat up is Sai. He's an active pro cash game player in the HK/Macau area. You probably know him anyways if you play poker around here. We're gonna play a best of 3 match, and to beef things up a little, we're gonna play each game for $5k. (ie. a 2-0 scoop would result in a $10k payday.) To spice things up even more, we're gonna drink hard liquor during the game, non-stop. (yeap this will look real good on TV.) And the silly prop bet itself? I'm gonna let you guys find out when the episode comes out. (Hint: it involves bikini girls.)

Oh and also, pick up a copy of Baller Magazine's May issue if you can. It'll feature a piece with me and Sai, with photos and all. (We did the photoshoot last weekend and things looked pretty cool.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Important Message: Dogs need your help

Guys, I'm using what's my limited publicity to try and help some poor animals. Some 170 dogs might have to be put down if they don't find new owners within two weeks because the Hong Kong Dog Rescue has to relocate. Click here for more info. Please help these poor animals by spreading the word as much as you can, and if you can adopt one, even better. But just like with getting any pet, think thrice before you decide. It's a life long commitment and you'll need to know you can provide endless love and care for the animal.

Once again, please spread the word.

Friday, April 2, 2010

OMG last night was funnnnnn.....

I had probably one of the most fun nights in terms of hang out with poker people last night. I went out for dinner with Terrence, Celina, Fred from Pokerstars, and my friend Manish. We went to my favorite Japanese restaurant Sushi Kuu, headed by my awesome friend Satoru Mukugawa, who's one of the best Jap chef I know. We had omakaze (Japanese chef's menu). As a general guideline, always go for the omakaze at any upscale Jap restaurant for true goodness. Satoru's omakaze is as fantastic as always, maybe even more so this time since this is the first time I had abalone from him. We probably ate more food than we thought we would be eating, and we cleared two bottles of sake. We played CCR for the bill but Fred and Manish bought themselves out so it was 3-handed (Terrence, Celina, me). Terrence lost and had to cover the tap.

Naturally we played poker after dinner. We played SHOT, which was a combination of 150/300 Limit Stud, 25/50 NL Hold'em, 25/50 PL Omaha, and 150/300 Limit Triple Draw. The mixture of the game was great and the action was good too as we had one guy walked up to us asking if he could join. I think all of us smiled wickedly while welcoming him. It was one of the most enjoyable poker session I've had since I love mixed game so much and with the right bunch of people the fun level just gets elevated by so much. We ended the night at like 2:30am and I went home a happy man. Oh, also helps that I ran good and made 10k. =)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Probably the biggest draw in my life (so far)....

I rarely write a post just about a hand (if my memory serves me right, i never write a post just about a hand). This is an exception. I hit what's probably the biggest draw in my life, outs wise. The game is $1/2 PLO 6-max. Nothing big.

My hand: 9d 7d 5h 8h
Position: BB

Preflop: everyone limps around to SB who raises it to $12, I call, 3 more callers. Total five players to the flop.

Pot: $58

Flop: Ah 5d 2d. SB continues for $39. I make a pretty questionable call but does he really have 34 for the straight? Pretty sure he'd bet pot if he had it. Does he have diamond draw? Maybe. Don't see why he'd be so eager to bet into a made straight board if he had diamonds.

Pot : $136

Turn: 6h. Key card! Even assuming the guy has the straight, I still have 25 outs. (All the diamonds and hearts, two black 4s, two black 7s, two black 8s, two black 9s, and minus one of the 4 he has in his hand to make his straight.) I bet pot which I think works well because he can't call with diamonds anymore, and I would be ahead otherwise. The guy tanks and then shoves the rest of his stack in which is only $25.55 more. I obv call.

Pot: $457.10

River: 5s. I hit trip 5s and take down the pot as the guy mucks of all things A369 clubs. I had not 25 but 28 outs against this particular hand! Oh also, it turns out that my read on the flop was correct, that he didn't make the straight and no diamonds.

I had 64% to in on the turn eventho I was the one drawing one card. Pretty awesome feeling it is.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This book is recommended.......

The Big Short by Michael Lewis aka the awesome writer who wrote Liar's Poker. This book just got published no more than two weeks ago and I just got my copy on the Kindle. The Big Short tells the story of a few very smart traders/fund managers who saw the big subprime meltdown coming before it happened, and how they managed to make sick amount of money off it. Thru their stories Michael talks about the absurdness and corruptness of financial institutions, the fixed income desks, and the credit rating agencies. I'm thru about half the book and I think it's a really good recount of the big meltdown. The book might be a bit more technical than Liar's Poker and it might require a slightly more financial knowledge to fully understand everything, but the narrative itself is awesome enough to give casual readers (non financial geeks) a fun peek in the big mess. This book is recommended to anyone looking for a fun narration of how subprime mortgages took down the US financial system.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Live game. WHAAATTTTT???

I'm out of town right now and when I return to Hong Kong in five days, there might no longer be a live poker scene. At least not a public one. For those of you who doesn't know what happened, here's the long story short. The Blue Room (a place for higher stakes poker) has been raided by the cops. It's not some minor "license-check" either, they took chips and tables and money and people. Apparently they plotted an undercover cop at the place disguised as a player for a few weeks before the raid.

What's gonna happen to live poker in town? No idea. But all I know (from what I can hear so far) is people are scared to play publicly. This really kills the action as poker is hardly profitable without new fishes coming in. Pretty sad thing imo. There might be private 1-table games at private places, but the accessibility is incomparable. More people might play online and more people will definitely go to Macau. Both for me aren't ideal as online poker is just different and Macau, well, Macau is just far. No more can I drive 10 minutes to a game I know is running. And I'll have to go thru the pain of finding out which game happens when and where. (TO ALL: PLEASE email me or call me or fb me or whatever with any private games that might be running or being set up. This will very much be appreciated. obv don't post details in comment here lol.) I'll still have my one high stake private game at my disposal and I think that game will never be raided because it's set up inside a VERY safe venue but I won't disclose more to protect the game.

What's gonna happen to the most popular poker room in town namely HKPH? No idea. But my guess is they'll see much less traffic. The action there is pretty pfff before all this happened anyways (they only have 10/20 on most nights, or at best 25/50NLH.) Unless they set up a higher stake game and they somehow prove that it's safe to play there, I can't be bothered going.

This just sucks.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Macau Poker Cup

It's Macau Poker Cup time again and I'll be in Macau on March 5-7. The plan is to take the 8:30pm ferry on Friday to get there at approx 10pm. That should give me enough time to check into my room before hitting the satellite at 10:30pm. Let's see if I can run good at this one time. (I tried the online version and I played like a moron.)

Saturday morning is when the fun starts. I plan to go jogging at 8am from Grand Lisboa Hotel to Taipa (across the bridge) and come back. The full distance is approx 7km so it should tire me just enough but not to the point of exhaustion. (Anyone's welcomed to join me, pls post in comment if you're interested.) I would then go back to the room and have breakfast at 10am, followed by a power nap. And then at 12pm I would go slam the Red Dragon tourny.

Saturday night my buddy Brian is having a stag party and I hope I won't be able to make it because that means I go deep in Red Dragon. If however I can make it, I'll make sure it'll be jampacked with fun and alcohol and fun.

GL me gogogogogogogo!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Couple of things....

GO CANADA GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!! We shipped the Men Hockey (and the Women Hockey but that's a lock). GOGOGOGOGO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!! #suckitamerica

On a side note: this comic strip is pretty funny/nerdy:

And as always: a latest SSF4 trailer:

Comment: All 3 of the new characters play very similarly to SF33S. Which is an awesome thing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year break

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. I've taken a break from (live) poker for five whole days amid the festive season and I'm ready to get back at it tonight with some PLO! Meanwhile I kept up my online game with the $57.50 turbo NLH HU and 4-tabling $33-55 NLH SNG. I've also cashed 838th out of 40864 players in the F40 Micro Million with a $40 buy-in and a near $1.5m pot.

Upcoming, I'll be in Macau for the Macau Poker Cup Warmup this Saturday to play the $4000 knock-out tournament. I'm staying at the Grand Hyatt at the City of Dreams (!) because all the rooms over on the Macau Peninsula are fully booked! I'll be out and about at MGM's Lion's Bar that night so come out if you're in town!

As always, follow me on Twitter during the tournament!

Update: I just shipped the $16+R online satellite for the KO tourney. I rebought twice so total damage is US$61 only! This is a great set up to an awesome weekend!

Update: Bonus: OH MY FUCKING LORD. Check this out if you're loving SSF4 as much as I am: Ibuki. Dudley. Holy fuck.

Monday, February 8, 2010

OMG I ordered a Kindle!

Holy shit guys. I ordered a Kindle. I was pretty locked on getting the Apple tablet, until the thing was actually announced. (See my previous posts for more on the anticipation and disappointment.)

It all happened yesterday when I was half-thinking about getting a B&N Nook but found out that its 3G won't work in Hong Kong. And then last night I've worked out that the time is now for e-readers and (after some more research) I submitted my online order for the Amazon Kindle 2. It'll be shipped on premium shipping for US$20 and arrive in two days. Pretty fast I say.

Here're my reasonings for getting it:

- Save shipping costs on book purchases. I regularly order books on which I can't find in local bookstores. (Yes this includes ALL poker books since gambling related prints are restricted here.) On average each box costs about $40USD in shipping. On top of that, the ebook discount over paper books are anywhere between 25-75%. On guesstimate it'll take only 3-4 orders of what-would-be paper books to fully fund the cost of the Kindle ($279.98). (edit: this is about 18-24 books.)

- Save delivery time on book purchases. This one is pretty obvious. A paper book takes 10-14 days to get here compared to under 60 seconds for ebooks.

- Free internet in many many places globally. On top of the seamless access to the Kindle bookstore, Kindle offers free internet browsing and Wikipedia use in many places.

- Ease of carry/use. I can't bring many books and magazines to a poker tournament but I can bring one Kindle.

- Battery life. 7 days of use is awesome. My bottomline is it'll need to last at least one long haul flight. iPad fails miserably.

Here're my concerns:

- One trick pony. Yes despite executing very well (or almost perfectly), Kindle has one and only one main function.

- Black and grey. Once in a while I might miss color.

- Durability. I expect to carry this thing around quite a bit, meaning I would expect a few bangs and drops. Let's hope the e-ink doesn't spill.

That's my quick preview guys. I'll do some in-depth review later. Or I might just post a link to Engadget.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad = iFAIL. And it's not just the name.

As a complete anticipation blow, Apple revealed the iPad today. No, not the iSlate, iTab, iTablet, or iWhatever. The thing's called the iPad. Immediately tons of iPad-jokes hit Twitter, clearly there's no woman on that product naming team. But hey, let's not judge the iPad by its name. No matter what it's called, it'll still ultimately be the iFail. Let's do a little round-up on the wish-list I posted only 24 hours ago. (Yes, 24 fucking hours ago I was all wishful and hopeful about this tablet thing)

- Long battery life (at least longer than 1 full day of continuous use);
FAIL. The iPad has an "official" 10 hours of continuous-use battery life and a 30 days standby (which means 5-6 hours realistically. and oh, how the hell does standby matter if it's not a phone?)

- 3G (because finding a WiFi hotspot is a pain); SO-SO. It's optional for an extra $130. The other way to see this is we can pay $130 less by not having it. But the extra one month wait time for the 3G version is A BIG FAIL.

- WiFi (because some stupid places in this planet just doesn't get 3G coverage); PASS. 801.22n too.

- GPS (or else it doesn't qualify as a gadget); FAIL. GPS is only available on the 3G version. WTF? I don't mind paying the $130 but I do mind the feeling of being forced into paying.

- OLED or at least LED backlit screen (LCD is very 2008); FAIL. OMG they went for LCD. And I thought this one is a gimme.Update: Turns out the screen is LED backlit afterall.

- a very awesome touchscreen input method (because all the existing ones for large touchscreens suck); FAIL. We've tried our luck with on-screen keyboards. Do we really need to try again?

- Bluetooth compatibility with Apple wireless keyboard (because even the most awesome input method sucks at times); PASS. It also has an optional keyboard cradle which is neat.

- at least 64gb internal memory or an expandable memory slot; FAIL. 64gb is the largest of the three size options and it's $829 with 3G. No expandable memory either. In fact, not even an USB port.

- ability to run all mac programs and not just the ones pre-approved by some stupid store; FAIL. Not only can it not run any mac programs, it also doesn't support Flash. That's like telling me to forget about browsing the web with it. See below for Adobe's response:

It looks like Apple is continuing to impose restrictions on their devices that limit both content publishers and consumers. Unlike many other ebook readers using the ePub file format, consumers will not be able to access ePub content with Apple's DRM technology on devices made by other manufacturers. And without Flash support, iPad users will not be able to access the full range of web content, including over 70% of games and 75% of video on the web.

If I want to use the iPad to connect to Disney, Hulu, Miniclip, Farmville, ESPN, Kongregate, or JibJab — not to mention the millions of other sites on the web — I'll be out of luck.

- ability to run the Pokerstars client (or else I can't justify bringing it on trips); FAIL. At least for now.

- some e-ink equivalent/comparable display (for easy book reading); FAIL. I think my Macbook works just fine if I wanna read a book off an LCD screen.

- some sort of coolness that rewards me for owning the iMac, the Macbook, and the iPhone (like allowing it to act as 2nd display (dreaming again)). FAIL. Not because there's no freebie for Mac owners but because the iPad delivered absolutely NOTHING to wow me.

Need I say more? Actually yes. I can't express how underwhelmed I was when I first saw the thing. It's fucking ugly! What's with the huge bezel? Oh, and no camera? front AND back?

In conclusion, I'm partly happy because I can now put the $800 I budgeted for some awesome tablet in the bank for my next-gen iPhone. Oh, and please don't give it to me as my next birthday present, it won't be appreciated.


This is why the iPad might still succeed in more ways than we can imagine (currently being zero, btw): click here.Update: click this one as well.

For all iPad jokes: click here. Fun fact: #iTampon was the no.2 trending topic on Twitter today. lulz.

And finally, this clip by MadTV back in 2006. LULZ.

Update: Hilter's reaction to the iPad.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ready for the Latest Creation?

YES I AM!!!!! Apple's set to make crazy announcements about crazy products that'll shock the world. It's supposed to be a surprise as the teaser invitation above suggests but then we all know that it's a tablet... but then what if they're also announcing something more? Like the new iPhone OS or the new iPhone (yeah I dream quite a lot). What about the tablet itself? We're all expected to be wowed in more than one way, but what if it comes out and totally completely pwns the Kindle and the Nook and everything? OMGOMGOMG. A friend said this has to be the most anticipated gadget announcement of all time and I'm starting to agree. OMGOMGOMGOMG. To ease the pain called waiting I've made up a wish-list of features I want the tablet to have. I'm starting with the obvious ones and then onto the more far-fetched:

- Long battery life (at least longer than 1 full day of continuous use);
- 3G (because finding a WiFi hotspot is a pain);
- WiFi (because some stupid places in this planet just doesn't get 3G coverage);
- GPS (or else it doesn't qualify as a gadget);
- OLED or at least LED backlit screen (LCD is very 2008);
- a very awesome touchscreen input method (because all the existing ones for large touchscreens suck);
- Bluetooth compatibility with Apple wireless keyboard (because even the most awesome input method sucks at times);
- at least 64gb internal memory or an expandable memory slot;
- ability to run all mac programs and not just the ones pre-approved by some stupid store;
- ability to run the Pokerstars client (or else I can't justify bringing it on trips);
- some e-ink equivalent/comparable display (for easy book reading);
- some sort of coolness that rewards me for owning the iMac, the Macbook, and the iPhone (like allowing it to act as 2nd display (dreaming again)).

That basically wraps it up. OMG I'm SO counting down to 10AM PST!!!!


Puppy Tweets lets your puppy... tweet

Apple might think it's going to change the world tomorrow withsome sort of crazy tablet, but we're here to tell you that the world has already changed. American humans will soon be able to buy a product called "Puppy Tweets," a product actually designed, tested, and released by the Mattel corporation. First, you need a dog with a Twitter account. (Who doesn't have one of those?) Then, you need to use $30 of your actual money to buy Puppy Tweets, a plastic sound-and-motion sensor that clips onto your dog's collar and sends out several pre-written tweets that have extreme amounts of dignity, like "YAHOOOOOOO! Somedays you just gotta get your bark on." Then you have to weep gently for the future of our society.
This is just sad. Now where can I get one for my dog?