Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let's start that money making machine again

Hey all, first off, I must apologize for the missing of my APPT Manila blog(s). It was a bad run of events and I won't lie, it's not as fun write about badbeats. But I promise, it'll be there. It will. I plan to write it on my (long) flight to Sydney this Sunday. PROMISE!

Instead, I'm gonna write about this little thingy that I've started doing, called turning change into errr money. (Not that chump change isn't money. But you get the point.) I found $0.97 in my Pstars account after failing to win the APPT Sydney Mega Satellite last weekend, so I shopped around to see what I could play. It's not enough for the smallest tournaments, as they start at $1+0.20. I decided to play the 0.02/0.04 Limit Hold'em. Within 30 minutes I cashed out $1.96 and moved to the 0.04/0.08 table. I cashed out $3.41 after another 30 minutes. Without going into much details, I've basically built it to $81.56 after two days by playing:

- a $3+0.40 NLHE SNG (placed 2nd);
- (many) $6.25 Turbo Heads-Up NLHE SNG (and winning all of them, of course);
- a $3+0.40 27-handed NLHE SNG (placed 4th);
- a $4+0.40 180-handed NLHE SNG (busto);
- a $10+1 HORSE MTT (placed 18th);
- a $5+0.50 PLO MTT (busto);
- a $5+0.50 45-handed NLHE SNG (placed 2nd).

If you've followed my run from $5 to $1500 this February, this is something similar. Let's see how far I can take this.

(Current target = $150. Current Bankroll: $81.56)

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hyt said...

u run gud, i run good, we all run gud!

GL in Sydney. If your blog slows down, it's cos I'm going F5F5F5F5F5F5F5 all day!