Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mid-stake poker in Hong Kong is (near) dead

Poker in Hong Kong went from mediocre to completely bad over the last 12 months or so. It used to be that 25/50 NLH was the standard game with some 50/100 on weekends. Now? No one but a few good players are willing to play 25/50 anything. The standard right now is 10/20 NLH and if lucky there might be a table of 10/20/40 PLO. Which totally sucks. Some try to organize 25/50 PLO but it usually turns out very dry with 4-5 good players sharing 1-2 bad players. At the end of night being up 1BI is considered good and 2BI amazing. I played reasonably well one time for 3 hours and managed to win 60BB. LOL. I have to say, unless the 25/50 scene improves, I can't be bothered with playing live in HK anymore.

Suggestion: get people adapted to 25/50 PLO. People meaning casual players who can laugh off a couple of Buy-ins, or small time grinders who want to try their hands on the big(ger) stakes. (hint: last thing we need is more pros.)

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