Friday, August 20, 2010


FTOPS recap: I didn't play any event I planned to play, but I did play the $535 HORSE and the $109+R PLO. In HORSE I never got it going and went out when I got scooped in Stud8 holding an ace-high flush and a 7 low in a 3-way pot. (yes I know how the fuck did that happen right?) In the PLO I kinda sorta bubbled (101th, pays top 90). But as they say, you can't be afraid of bubbling if you wanna win the big monies.

WCOOP: Here's my plan. Seeing what happened to my FTOPS plan I wouldn't put too much faith on me actually following it. But here it is anyways:

Event 10: Sept 8 12:00pm: $265 PLO Knock-Out
Event 16: Sept 10 2:00pm: $215 PLO 6-max
Event 19: Sept 11 1:00pm: $109 NLH (10-min levels)
Event 32: Sept 16 12:00pm: $320 NLH 6-max
Event 35: Sept 17 2:00pm: $215+R NLH
Event 38: Sept 18 1:00pm: $530 NLH Heads-Up
Event 40: Sept 18 5:00pm: $530 HORSE
Event 41: Sept 19 1:00pm: $215 NLH
Event 49: Sept 22 12:00pm: $215+1R1A NLH
Event 58: Sept 25 1:00pm: $530 PLO Heads-Up (2 days)

So to play all of the above I'll need roughly $4000. Still cheaper than an APPT event! lol.

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