Saturday, September 24, 2011

WCOOP Event 58: $530 PLO Heads-Up LIVE BLOG

4:30am: fuck fuck fuck. bubbled after battling for over 1 hr. SO SICK.......

3:28am: Round 3 starting. Opponent is OLD TIME GIN from Canada.

2:27am: Round 2 took 7 minutes and 18 hands. Mr HABIBI is weak and tight and predictable. I took a 2:1 lead with nut flush vs straight, and the knockout when I jammed broadway wrap into his middle set and connects. More waiting for Round 3. zzzzzz.

2:20am: finally Round 1 is over. Round 2 opponent HABIBIYANOUR from Sweden.

2:05am: these 2 are still nitting up like grandmas. fuck.

1:47am: only 1 table still going. moonwatch79 vs caecilius. pls hurry up.

1:19am: only took me 19 minutes to win the match. The guy blew some chips with air when i called him down with the under boat JJxx on a KK7Jx board. He was down to 2:1 chips and I was able to further pressure that to a 4:1 chip lead. I gave the knockout blow with KT9x on a KsTs9s flop, he had the nut flush but I turned the T to seal it. Long wait until Round 2. zzzzzzz.

1:00am: first round opponent is radik-dn from Russia.

12:59am: bought into the $320 PLO HU 2nd chance 1 minute before it closed. 64 runners.

10:53pm: WOW busted holding QQxx on KQ6 board vs KTxx, turn T, river K. this is fucked up.

10:51pm: down to 4:1 dog after missing a wrap+FD trying to bust the guy.

10:49: 1.5:1 chip lead now after a flurry of attack.

10:43pm: back down to 1.5:1 dog on AAxx < JJxx.

10:30pm: back to even stack.

10:12pm: 2:1 dog in chips after missing a 12 outer.

9:59pm: ok no Round 1 bye. Opponent's name is allucan3at from Holland. GLME.

9:56pm: Hi guys, I'm gonna attempt to do a live blog on the go during the matches on this WCOOP Event 58 PLO Heads-Up. PLO HU is definitely one of my best games so I'm really feeling excited to play in this event. 4 more minutes until Round 1 starts. I'm definitely feeling it. (However a lucky Round 1 bye wouldn't be bad either.)

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