Monday, April 29, 2013

One of the More Fun Macau Trips

"This has been one of the more fun Macau trips." -- Manish Sansi

I fully agree. This Macau trip is somewhat unlike the other ones, in which it was actually enjoyable at a non-poker, non-party level. That's right, I didn't party over the 3 nights I spent this trip in Macau (by the way, normally I can't stand staying in Macau for 3 nights without going into a depression). I give partial credit to myself for stuffing the trip with awesome activities, partial credit to my awesome friends whom I hung out with (including my buddy Manish who flew in from Delhi), and partial credit to the fact that Macau has simply become more enjoyable. Here's a quick rundown of the trip (for my future memory-lost self), I won't go into the details of the poker since that probably deserves another blog post:

Day 1 - April 25, 2013

- got 1:25pm tickets to Iron Man 3. (Note that this took a 2-weeks prior booking.)
- took 10:30am ferry to Macau.
- met up with my buddy Kenny to see said movie. (Spoiler: Iron Man 3 is amazing. I totally loved the "house party scene". /endspoiler)
- after the movie we met up with Manish for Japanese food at like 4pm.
- got into my hotel room and napped, as preparation for poker that starts at 7pm.
- poker from 7pm till 4am.
- ate "dinner" at this chinese restaurant inside City of Dreams with Carlos and a poker buddy Terry. The food was surprisingly good . (Name of the place is Ji Xiang Yuan).

Day 2 - April 26, 2013

- woke up and made coffee. Yup I packed my Aeropress and coffee beans to Macau.
- went for a really good workout with Manish. Learned quite a few new things which usually comes with having a new workout partner.
- had Portuguese food with Kenny, Manish, and my other buddy Carlos. The food was awesome, the place was not crowded like a casino restaurant, and the price was *very* reasonable.
- back to the hotel room for a post-food nap.
- went to the Venetian with Kenny and Manish for Brazilian BBQ. Basically how this place works is the appetizers are all-you-can-eat, set out as a buffet style, and once that's out of the way, the servers start bringing the meat to the table. Beef, lamb, sausages, chicken, pork ribs, oh my god it was SO good.
- after dinner we had one beer at Hard Rock Cafe. The live band was quite decent.

Day 3 - April 27, 2013

- woke up at 8am for a workout and breakfast. Went back to sleep after.
- woke up again at 11am, made coffee and got ready for poker.
- had lunch with Carlos at the same Japanese place.
- poker from 2pm to 1am.
- met up with a poker buddy from way back, Vikram, for dim sum "dinner".
- went to Grand Waldo Spa to stay the night. Paid a woman to step on my back.

Day 4 - April 28, 2013
- woke up in the spa and had breakfast.
- went back to Sheraton for another workout and got ready for poker.
- poker didn't last long and I got busted out of the tournament 17th out of 891.

Note that I've controlled my food intake very rigorously and made sure I had no food 3 hours before poker and all the way during poker. Food makes brain dysfunction. Fasting puts brain on supercharge. #scientificfact

Final spoiler: Terry won the tournament for a cool HK$1.7m.

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