Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Blog is back!!!

Hi all, guess what? This blog has (finally) awaken from the dead! I'm gonna keep it as updated as i can from now on (which means a post every few days)... however, if you use Twitter, please follow me @PLAU13! I update my status there a lot more frequently, and i post live updates when i'm playing and random rants when i'm not.

For the past couple of months, i've done well in Macau. I've won back-to-back Macau Poker Cup Highroller Challenges. The first game involved four Team Pokerstars Pro Asia members, David Steicke, among other good players. The second time seen EPT London Final-tableist (one of the Team Pro member) Raymond Wu and WSOP Player of the Year Jeff Lisandro. It was surely great to come out on top of good players and be able to put them to my repertoire. Coming up, i'll be playing in the December Macau Poker Cup Championship events, in particular the $5000 Heads-Up and the $20000 Main Event.

i'm not gonna write too much today as i'm having the wisdom tooth problem... it's hurting and it's giving me a buzzing headache... the extraction is scheduled for Friday at 9:30am, and i'm seriously very much afraid of the dentist... so a fun day i guess. The consolation prize is I'll be off from work that day so i'll be able put in a good few hours of online grinding... (it's not like i can do much else with a swollen face anyways!)

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hyt said...

Awesome! Can't wait for your future posts dude! SHEEEP EEEETTT!!!