Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heads-Up Match for PokerTVAsia

I'll be filming an episode for PokerTVAsia tomorrow called Mad Props. Basically I get to play HU against another guy for a silly prop bet which is a punishment thing on the loser of the match. The match will be filmed, with hole cameras and all. The happening of the silly prop bet will also be filmed, for viewers' pleasure and the loser's dismay. The production is professional (as I've previewed some of their other shows), like something you would wanna catch on ESPN2. The final product will be available for viewing online in May, naturally thru

So, this other guy who I'm gonna play with and hopefully beat up is Sai. He's an active pro cash game player in the HK/Macau area. You probably know him anyways if you play poker around here. We're gonna play a best of 3 match, and to beef things up a little, we're gonna play each game for $5k. (ie. a 2-0 scoop would result in a $10k payday.) To spice things up even more, we're gonna drink hard liquor during the game, non-stop. (yeap this will look real good on TV.) And the silly prop bet itself? I'm gonna let you guys find out when the episode comes out. (Hint: it involves bikini girls.)

Oh and also, pick up a copy of Baller Magazine's May issue if you can. It'll feature a piece with me and Sai, with photos and all. (We did the photoshoot last weekend and things looked pretty cool.)

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vikthestick said...

I can't believe you are playing with the player in the world. Don't use up your one time here.