Friday, April 2, 2010

OMG last night was funnnnnn.....

I had probably one of the most fun nights in terms of hang out with poker people last night. I went out for dinner with Terrence, Celina, Fred from Pokerstars, and my friend Manish. We went to my favorite Japanese restaurant Sushi Kuu, headed by my awesome friend Satoru Mukugawa, who's one of the best Jap chef I know. We had omakaze (Japanese chef's menu). As a general guideline, always go for the omakaze at any upscale Jap restaurant for true goodness. Satoru's omakaze is as fantastic as always, maybe even more so this time since this is the first time I had abalone from him. We probably ate more food than we thought we would be eating, and we cleared two bottles of sake. We played CCR for the bill but Fred and Manish bought themselves out so it was 3-handed (Terrence, Celina, me). Terrence lost and had to cover the tap.

Naturally we played poker after dinner. We played SHOT, which was a combination of 150/300 Limit Stud, 25/50 NL Hold'em, 25/50 PL Omaha, and 150/300 Limit Triple Draw. The mixture of the game was great and the action was good too as we had one guy walked up to us asking if he could join. I think all of us smiled wickedly while welcoming him. It was one of the most enjoyable poker session I've had since I love mixed game so much and with the right bunch of people the fun level just gets elevated by so much. We ended the night at like 2:30am and I went home a happy man. Oh, also helps that I ran good and made 10k. =)

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