Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Here's a quick list of what I plan to play in the upcoming FTOPS XIX (Feb 6 - 20). As a general rule I won't play any turbos or superturbos. Furthermore, I'll treat all Multi-Entry tournaments as single entry as it's just tilting otherwise. (Pls someone help me with these Multi-Entry spewaments as to how to optimally buy into it.)

Straight off the bat I would like to highlight that I most look forward to Event 17: $535 PLO 6-max.

Here's the list, note that all start times are in Hong Kong local time:

Event 4, Feb 8 10:00am: $1060 NLH 6-max
Event 7, Feb 9 10:00am: $216 HORSE
Event 10: Feb 10 10:00am: $109+R NLH 6-max (multi-entry)
Event 17, Feb 13 3:00am: $535 PLO 6-max
Event 27, Feb 15 10:00am: $1060 NLH (multi-entry)
Event 33, Feb 17 10:00am: $322+R NLH 6-max
Event 44, Feb 21 3:00am: $256 NLH 6-max KO

I'm looking to spend a total of $4,578. (All NLH rebuy games I limit myself to 4 buys including the add-on.) Action buyer welcomed.

UPDATED: Removed Event 35: $322 PLO HU as I'll be rather tied up that day!

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