Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FTOPS Event 4: $1060 NLH 6-max

This is probably one of the tighter 6-max tournies i've played in, including live and online. I started and finished on the same table, and I was the first guy out of that pack of six to be eliminated. (read: over the two hours before I busted the table was purely doing chips-exchange.) I busted just before the 2nd break, and overall my run has been pretty bad.

In level 2 of the tournament, I got my flopped straight ran over by runner runner flush. It's not like I let it happen either, I bet out every street until the river when I managed to just check-call to avoid busto.

On one of the last hands, I got my flopped set ran over by the same guy with his runner runner straight. In the same whacky fashion, he called my cbet on the flop with 2 under cards (preflop he opened and I 3betted), called my bet on the turn with a gutshot straight draw, and finally made me call down his stack on the river. After this I was left with under 10BB and I shipped it in the 33 which naturally lost to JK.

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