Friday, December 11, 2009

MPCC - Heads-up Challenge (32 max)

Hi all, I'm taking the 10:45am ferry to Macau tomorrow to play the $5000 Heads-up tournament. The game starts at 12pm and it'll play 5 rounds down to one winner. Each round plays best-of-3 and the final is best-of-5. Notables who will also be playing: Terrence Chan (who will be traveling with me to Macau), and Team Asia Pro Raymond Wu. I'll be tweeting throughout the day so make sure you check for updates! (If you don't have a Twitter account you can use the Twitter box on this page.)

GL me and let's ship it one time!


hyt said...


Gary_Neville said...

ship it plzzz.

See you at the Main Event.

Shane said...

I shall follow your twitter. Good luck.

Shane said...

Sick sick, HU vs Terrence Chan, too. Nice job.

Phil Lau said...

Tks for following! It was a super fun (despite tiring) day! Here's a summary of the tweets:

#mpcc HU: lost final 2-3 to Terrence Chan after a long gruelsome 5 games match. GG Terrence.
about 10 hours ago from NatsuLiphone

#mpcc HU update: final table Phil Lau vs Terrence Chan!!!!!
about 13 hours ago from NatsuLiphone

#mpcc HU update: made it to the final!! Not easy tho won 2-1 and got lucky a few times. Terrence 1-1 against Carlos Chang.
about 14 hours ago from NatsuLiphone

#mpcc HU update: just won round 2! Terrence chan won the match against Ray Wu.
about 17 hours ago from NatsuLiphone

#mpcc Terrence vs Ray update: 1-0 to unassigned.
about 18 hours ago from NatsuLiphone

Took Terry Fan out 2-0. Onto round 2. Highlight of the round: Terence Chan vs Raymond Wu. #mpcc
about 19 hours ago from NatsuLiphone

#MPCC HU update: terrence 1-0, Ray wu 1-0, and my opponent still hasn't shown up. I run good.
about 20 hours ago from NatsuLiphone