Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Poker Room at Venetian Macau

I heard Venetian Macau opened a poker room. Has anyone been? I'll be in Macau on Dec 12 (and Dec 18-20) but I don't go to the Cotai Strip unless it's absolutely necessary so it'll be great if someone can post a quick room review.

At the mean time, I'm looking forward to some serious poker dosage during the Macau Poker Cup Championship (MPCC) on Dec 12-20. Looks like I'm about 80% in playing the $5k Head-Up (32max) tourny. I'm a bit held back because it's best-of-3 per round (and best-of-5 for the final). It looks like it'll play thru the day (and the night) into the next morning. A bit overkill for a $5k buy-in imo. (The top prize assuming 32 players will only be about $55-70k, depending if they pay top 4 or 8.) I'm hoping this game gets good reception so they can up the buy-in next time.

I'm also debating if I wanna play the $5k NLH KO tourny. That's on Thursday December 17. A KO tourny is always fun and action packed, and the pot should be sizable as well (assuming around 100 players, making it a ~$400k pot). However, my original plan is to get to Macau on the night of the 18th, rail my buddies in the Tourny of Champs, then play in the Main Event on the 19th. If I go on the 17th I'll have one less night at home with family. Not ideal. I think I'm at about 20% on playing this right now.

The Main Event I'll play for sure, as I'm lucky enough to have Pokerstars sponsor my buy-in and accommodation. (Here's a big thanks to Pokerstars!) The prize pool is guaranteed to be HK$2m but I think that's easily beatable. In fact, I expect about 200 players, making the prize pool ~$4m and the top prize almost $1m. Oh, and I hope to win some. Look for me on the floor!


Phil Lau said...

this just in: from David Ewing: "god its terrible. i think only 5 tables. gosh their rules are a joke!! if u dont say 'raise' then it doesnt constitute a raise even if u put a whole stack out, it will be a call LMAO its all micro stakes at this stage... def not worth wasting ur time"

(Dave if you'r reading this: thanks for the snap review! oh and i'm quoting you from facebook as i assume a wall post is public and quotable.)

i guess the room has lots of room for improvement. i guess. surprised Venetian being from Vegas can be this clueless.

Shane said...

I guess the 1 chip rule turned into the infinite chip rule.

Good luck with the tourneys though. Maybe I'll be playing in a couple of the smaller ones and see you around.

Gary_Neville said...

Hey dude its Bjorn, and I think I'm definitely gonna want to play the 20k ME but that also means I have to multitable somemore before the 20th. See you around.

Phil Lau said...

from another friend of mine who's been to the new Venetian poker room:

- stakes: only 10/25 avail;
- only one table opened when he got there and he played on the eventual 2nd table;
- not smokey since it's on a deserted corner of the main (huge) casino floor;
- yes he needed to say "raise" to raise. lol;
- aggressive brain-fried chinamen treating the game like baccarat.

Anonymous said...

I think they got back to normal.i have one question, why in Macau casino, if someone goes all-in you cannot raise anymore. I have been playing almost everywhere in Europe never seen such thing. Here was the case; first man placed 500$, second guy called,third man goes all-in with 750$ and I had a full house with QQ(flop Q,6,6)they did not let me raise 2000$,dealer said no more raise. I asked it the same in other casinos in Macau.Is that true?

Anonymous said...

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