Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pain in the NECK!!!

Guys, I'm having this really bad neck pain and it's pretty much limited my head movement to nil. I'm stuck at home except going to the Chinese doctor for acupuncture (yes guys, the needles). It's actually pretty weird how it all started. Two Fridays ago I took out my wisdom tooth because it was causing headaches. Obviously I got my fair share of mouth pain but that went away after about five days. After that, last weekend my neck and right shoulder started hurting and it got worse and worse, giving me more headaches, especially when I turn my head in quick movements. I decided I needed some professional help and this time I wanted to go the Chinese way since they're pretty good at fixing up bodies instead of just easing the pain. I only started seeing this Chinese doctor yesterday and she's supposed to be very good. (Many local movie stars are her patients.) She's definitely not cheap but she looks like she's real good at what she does. I'll post her details after I fully recover so anyone with similar problems can have one more option. (I know how much it suck to have the GP as the only option and all he does is give more painkillers.)

(For more info on acupuncture, see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acupuncture)

Meanwhile, many buddies of mine are playing in Sydney in the APPT Grand Final. Many (or all) are playing the Main Event but Terrence Chan and Andrew Scott are also playing the Highroller. GL to them. (Steicke played too but got busted before I could blink so gglol to him.) Special congrats to Tony "Bond18" Dunst for taking the chip lead after Day1a. Hold onto it Tony! One time!


Shane said...


Hope you get better. I've never actually had acupuncture before, I suppose it doesn't feel that weird, though, right? Get some massages after it's okay again and it should be fine.

I'll be back soon in December. Still wish I could play in the HU. I'm going to start blogging more, too. So see you around.

Hint: We need to get a HU grudge match going.

Phil Lau said...

@Shane: which date are you back exactly? let's get a game going. go to macau for MPCC if you can for poker overdose.