Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Day Job

I'm a trader and I trade Japan. It's not the best market to be trading in. check vid for more info.

Bonus: check below for a very good poker version.


John aka (The Masked Financier) said...

As the promoter of the Texas Holdem Investing it's great to see a top-flight poker player who also works as a trader.
It would be great to get some of your insights on both fields.
And perhaps which one you started with and how it helped move to work in both areas.
Keep up the good work,
John (aka The Masked Financier)

Phil Lau said...

Hi John,

It's hard to name which I started with (poker or trading) since I've been playing poker casually since college but only started getting seriously in it after working as a trader. I think being a poker player complements my trading career a lot.

If you wanna talk more please feel free to email me at lauphilip@mac.com. I've took a look at your site and it looks very interesting.