Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Superphone? pfffff.

Google has announced its first own-branded Android phone aka Nexus One. It's also coining it the Superphone. Yes they did it without lol-ing. I mean, these people can't be serious, right? A Superphone? Seriously? But wait, they are. They claim that "because of the 1GHz processor, the high amount of RAM, the Google apps and all the software innovations they've made in the Nexus One, the phone is one step higher than smartphones. And it's almost equivalent to the laptops you were using four or five years ago." Blahahahahahaha. So it'll be downgraded to retardophone in 1-2 years time once every other phone is sporting 2Ghz chips and more RAM and better apps?

Google, I thought you're smarting than this.

1 comment:

Shane said...

Silly, maybe, but I won't care too much if it's good (and if they allow pokerstars app =D)