Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Macau Poker Cup

It's Macau Poker Cup time again and I'll be in Macau on March 5-7. The plan is to take the 8:30pm ferry on Friday to get there at approx 10pm. That should give me enough time to check into my room before hitting the satellite at 10:30pm. Let's see if I can run good at this one time. (I tried the online version and I played like a moron.)

Saturday morning is when the fun starts. I plan to go jogging at 8am from Grand Lisboa Hotel to Taipa (across the bridge) and come back. The full distance is approx 7km so it should tire me just enough but not to the point of exhaustion. (Anyone's welcomed to join me, pls post in comment if you're interested.) I would then go back to the room and have breakfast at 10am, followed by a power nap. And then at 12pm I would go slam the Red Dragon tourny.

Saturday night my buddy Brian is having a stag party and I hope I won't be able to make it because that means I go deep in Red Dragon. If however I can make it, I'll make sure it'll be jampacked with fun and alcohol and fun.

GL me gogogogogogogo!!!

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