Tuesday, March 9, 2010




tendim said...

Adobe's Flash video absolutely SUCKS on non Windows/Intel processors. Anybody just has to look at the processor spikes on Mac OS X/PPC to notice this. Strangely enough, equivalents under Linux/PPC don't suffer from this -- which proves it's an Adobe issue, not a PPC one!

Phil Lau said...

i think the Adobe/HP vid was targetted at the iPad, which has Flash left out due to battery life issues... check this article for more detail: http://gizmodo.com/5475005/steve-jobs-flash-video-would-make-the-ipad-battery-life-15-hours

I'm an Apple lover because they run a good trend of producing quality products that are straightforward and pain free to use. This is exactly why I'm also an iPad hater, it's painful to browse the modern web without Flash, no matter how much Steve Jobs is saying otherwise.