Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Probably the biggest draw in my life (so far)....

I rarely write a post just about a hand (if my memory serves me right, i never write a post just about a hand). This is an exception. I hit what's probably the biggest draw in my life, outs wise. The game is $1/2 PLO 6-max. Nothing big.

My hand: 9d 7d 5h 8h
Position: BB

Preflop: everyone limps around to SB who raises it to $12, I call, 3 more callers. Total five players to the flop.

Pot: $58

Flop: Ah 5d 2d. SB continues for $39. I make a pretty questionable call but does he really have 34 for the straight? Pretty sure he'd bet pot if he had it. Does he have diamond draw? Maybe. Don't see why he'd be so eager to bet into a made straight board if he had diamonds.

Pot : $136

Turn: 6h. Key card! Even assuming the guy has the straight, I still have 25 outs. (All the diamonds and hearts, two black 4s, two black 7s, two black 8s, two black 9s, and minus one of the 4 he has in his hand to make his straight.) I bet pot which I think works well because he can't call with diamonds anymore, and I would be ahead otherwise. The guy tanks and then shoves the rest of his stack in which is only $25.55 more. I obv call.

Pot: $457.10

River: 5s. I hit trip 5s and take down the pot as the guy mucks of all things A369 clubs. I had not 25 but 28 outs against this particular hand! Oh also, it turns out that my read on the flop was correct, that he didn't make the straight and no diamonds.

I had 64% to in on the turn eventho I was the one drawing one card. Pretty awesome feeling it is.


Anonymous said...

this is an april fool's joke? this is the worst play and worst analysis ive ever seen lol every street, every comment...

Anonymous said...

does this guy even know how to play poker?