Monday, October 20, 2008


Posted September 5th, 2008 by phillau

Hi Guys, I've finished my run in APPT Macau just few hours ago with a rank of 31st. No final table but not bad either. Gotta give myself a pat on the back for outlasting over 500 guys, right?

I opened the day with 41k chips, and I wasn't even the shortest stack on the table. In fact, including myself 4 out of the 8 on the table were around the 40k mark. I opened my first hand with a shove after John Juanda raised it to 10500 on 2000/4000/500 blinds. I had ATs so I was rooting for him to call. Unfortunately he folded so I was up to only about 60k.

An orbit later a guy with about 40k shoved it in. Everyone folded to me and I looked down at KTs. I mean, not great, but the guy could've had much worst. Better yet this doesn't take away my tournament life. So I called. The guy showed KJo and the board bricked. Boohoo. Down to 20k.

With 20k chips I could see about 1 orbit. Yeah that's 8 hands. Erm, so I shoved it in twice without any caller to build it back to a marginally healthier 35k. At this point i was dealt KJo and everyone folded to me on cutoff. I shoved again, only to be called by the button. The blinds folded and button showed 99. This was as much as I could ask for in the situation. We were off to the race and the board bricked again. Damn, I was out.

Not a bad ending, I don't feel sick or anything, i had a shot and that's about as much as I could hope for.

After the tourny I jumped onto the 20/40 cash game and had a few beers. I ran the table over and took out 10k within 2 hours. I was a sick mofo and was bluffing with all sorts of garbage. Heehee.

Tonight I'll be playing the $10k buy-in 6-hand max tournament. I hope to see a sizable field and hopefully do good in this one too!


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