Monday, October 20, 2008

Thru Day 2, IN THe MoNey!!!!!

Posted September 5th, 2008 by phillau

Guys! i made the money! i've made it thru Day 2 with a little stack of 41k, but at least i'm still alive! Day 2 started with 208 players and finished with only 39. It was an action packed day.... and i'm very happy for me progress so far.... given the situation... here's the rundown... pls get a bucket ready cuz it's pretty damn sick:

I doubled up early on this sick hand... with 38k and 400/800/100 blinds i had 73s on the BB. Everyone folded to the button so he raised it to 2200. I thought I could see a flop so I called.

Flop: 9c 4c 2x. We both checked.

Turn: 7c. Button checked, and I bet 4000 into the 5800 pot. The guy raised it to 12500. It was a pretty sick raise cuz it's 8500 more out of my 32000 remaining stack. I thought about it and decided to move all in. Guy snap-called! I asked "flush draw, right?" He said "yeah." and turned over AcQx!

River blanked out and I was up to 60k.

On that same table I ran pretty okay and stacked it up to 82k. This is when the table's broken and I was moved. Nightmare begins.

I was moved to this table, and seated to the left of Emad Tahtouh, right of Quinn Do, and also sharing table with Isabelle Mericer. Not a pretty scene. I got pretty beat up on this one and was down to about 70k. Luckily the table was broken up about 30 minutes later.

I was moved to this next table. And before I can get my seat warm, floor manager announced that this table will be broken up too.. I was like an orphan kid being thrown around... but on the last hand before the break up, I had A6s and turned the nut flush. I managed to get my stack up to 77k before being moved again.

I landed at this table, and OMG. God, no. Joe Hachem, and Emad Tahtouh again!? I couldn't seem to get rid of the guy! To make matter worse, the guy to my left, Charles Chua, was running red chilly hot. (To illustrate the picture he went from 15k to 365k to close the day.) As if that's not enough, I went completely card-dead. I didn't play one single hand for over 2 hours, and when I finally picked up a few good hands, here's what happened. With ATs, I raised only to get reraised. I had to fold. With AJ I raised and took just the blinds. With AK I ran it all the way with Emad, who had 88, on a double paired board. That costed me over 10k. My stack was down to 37k by the time I stared down at 22. They seriously looked like aces to me. I shoved it all in only to be called with QQ. I was super lucky one time and I hit the deuce on the river to survive!

After that hand I went completely dead again.... and things got worse when Berstand "Elky" Grospellier sat down two to my left, J Choi say down across me with over 250k, and another guy with over 200k sat down right to my right. It's just that kind of day when I get nothing going my way and I just had to grind my way into the money.

I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be ALL IN TIME for me... I'll see what happens... if I get lucky enough, i might move up the ladder a level or two. If I go on a hot run I might even end up on the final table. Who knows.


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