Monday, October 20, 2008

Holiday Tournament - May 1st, 2008

Posted April 28th, 2008 by phillau

Hi guys! I'll be hosting a NL Hold'em Tournament on Thursday, May 1st, at 7pm. It's a holiday in Hong Kong so let's come out and have some fun! The buy-in is $2000HKD and there's no-rebuy. We'll also be using a deeper stack structure, so we'll be seeing lots of quality play. Sign up here: .

Oh, about the tourny this past Saturday, I came 3rd. Not bad, but not perfect. I had the chiplead for the major part of the final table, but didn't manage to hold on. It wasn't really my fault, as both hands where I shipped major stacks away were inevitable. One I was racing against a lowstack with two over cards over his medium pocket pair, and another I ran into pocket Aces with my second nut flush draw. Being in the money is still good, and it provides room for improvement!

I credit a major part of my performance this game to the readings I've done. It's really paying off. If you haven't read about my booklist, please take a look here: . I've had many inspirations on so many different aspects of poker since I started reading!

See you at the table this Thursday!

p.s. Apart from tournament poker, I'll occupied by another equally exciting activity, GRAND THEFT AUTO IV. That's right people, my pre-ordered copy has arrived!!!!! I'm gonna make sure I put the shotgun to some grandmas head and melee some hookers this holiday!

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