Monday, October 20, 2008

Bankroll breaks $500!!

Posted March 2nd, 2008 by phillau

Tonight is a very special tonight, as my bankroll broke above $500 for the first time! Here's what happened...

After my last update, I've been mainly playing $10 Sit'n Gos and $0.10/$0.25 NL Hold'em cash games. I did so-so in the SNGs, cashing in twice in 4 games. However, in the cash games I ran real bad and I got the bankroll down to $89.24. I figured things cannot go on like this and it's time to make some serious money. I picked a night which I feel really good and am free of distractions, and I played in a $69+$5 45-handed NL Hold'em Tournament. I understand that this is a big chunk of my bankroll, but I feel good about taking the risk and am confident in making it to the money.

The field was divided into 5 nine-handed tables. We started with chipstacks of 1500, and money goes to the top six finishers. As usual, I started by playing very few hands, concentrating on the premium ones. The major turning point of my night came when I had 1890 chips, and blinds were 120/240. Obviously, I was shortstacked and I needed to make a move quick. I held 45 suited under the gun, I decided to flat call. The cut-off guy (person who acts before the button) pushes all in for 5100, which was way more than my stack and also more than every remaining players'. As expected, the button, SB, and BB folded and it was up to me. I had a very strong feeling that he's trying to take down the action right there, and I had a good drawing hand. I thought about it carefully for a moment, and surprising even myself, I called! That's right, I called an All-in bet with 45 suited. Cards were turned over, and the guy showed pocket 2s! OMG, I have two overcards! The flop shows 499 and it was all over. I doubled up. Magic moments.

Later on, I advanced to be the chipleader when it got down to 7 handed, but I also managed to lose the chiplead only 15 minutes thereafter and I was actually the shortstack when it got down to 5-handed. Fortunately, two of the remaining players decided to commit suicide and I finished happily at 3rd. I picked up a prize money of $496. My bankroll is now at $511. Yay.

Amazing how far $5 can get you. My next target will be $2000.

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