Monday, October 20, 2008

Bad Hands, Good Hands, and a complete reversal of the definitions

Posted March 5th, 2008 by phillau

So much for being sick and no poker and all that jazz, I've once again committed myself into the $69+$6 45-handed! That's right, it's the same one that I got 3rd place in. This table's flipping unbelievable. I was totally card-dead! I've sat thru most of the early levels and got my chips down to 995 from 1500, and thru a few tactically shoves, when the blinds mattered a little more, I managed to boost my count to 4010. All of this was done with the best starting hands no better than A5o. That's Ace-Five-Offsuit people! I can't recall a worse run of cards. I got so detached to the good hands I almost felt lost when I finally landed myself an ATo. On this hand I managed to seize the pot without much of a showdown. However, not much later I was dealt AKo. At first, I was like "sweet, about flipping time." but then when the two shorter stacks went all in and the chipleader called, i knew I had a decision to make. I could either shove or I could lay it down. I decided to lay down.

Only a couple hands after I was dealt AJo. I was SB and all folded to the Button who raised. Under normal circumstances, I would reraise as I put him on a steal. But since I'm so detached with the good hands today, I decided to lay this down as well! And guess what, Button flips open AQ! Amazing laydowns Phil. So I've now come to the conclusion that good hands are very dangerous as most people would go all out betting. Bad hands, on the other hand, aren't so bad because if they're played right, it gives very high return.

Final result of this game? I landed myself 2nd place, so that's an improvement from last time, and it adds $775 to my bankroll.

Update on the bankroll: I've been running a little bad before this game as I lost 3 consecutive $50 Sit'n Go's and a $20 MTT. Adding the cashing from today, bankroll stands at $1101.

Again, amazing how much $5 can get you.

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