Thursday, October 23, 2008

First post!

Hi all! This would be my first post at this new location. It's sad to say that this will also be the only blog which I will be keeping up to date. The main reason being directed me to a "Page Not Found" as of today. (EDIT: pwa was offline yday only it seems.) Boohoo. I wish that site could be better attended to, but hey, I gave them my best effort. My blog was definitely the most read section of that site and it's about as much as I could've done.

I was gonna write my first blog about the current financial mess we're in but then I gave up the idea. There're just enough of these blogs (some very good ones) online and I don't need to add to the repetition. If anyone's interested in how I see this mess as a hedge fund trader please voice it out here and I'll write something about it.

So, instead of writing about the ridiculous mess, I'm gonna write about something much more pleasant, such as my upcoming traveling plans. Here it is:

Nov 13-16: APPT Manila (main attraction for me: poker. errrr... no kidding.)
Nov 30 - Dec 8: Sydney (main attraction: APPT Sydney, see what's down under, see gf's 'hood.)
Apr 2009 around Easter: JW Marriott at Sanya (main attraction: resort, sunbaking, sleep.)
Jun 27 - Jul 5 2009: Toronto (main attraction: see friends, Canada Day at Nick's cottage, Fallsview, show gf my 'hood.)

Yes folks, I'll be in T.O next June! Start saving up! Whoever'll be in town at the same period pls holla! Let's hit up Fallsview together!

I'm so very excited about my upcoming plans.... given the current market it's not a bad time to be traveling. BTW, this Sunday I'm gonna be in Macau playing the satellite for APPT Manila. Please join me if you can!


Mike Zee said...

Looking good Phil. Best of luck to you in Manila. 0.2 for me?? Let me know.

Phil Lau said...

Hey mIke, i don't plan to sell any Manila action as the buy-in is like $2k USD only... I'll be looking to sell the Sydney one tho. Let me know if you're interested in that. Tks!