Monday, October 20, 2008

Bounty Hunters!

Posted March 8th, 2008 by phillau

Since my last update I've been playing mainly sit n gos, and i've just broken even. It's Friday night and what's better to do than some serious tournament poker? I registered in the $70+5 Knock-Out Tournament with a $10,500 guarantee. The field had 210 players, and we started with 3000 chips. Of the $70 of the buy-in, $55 went to the main pot, and $15 was the player's bounty. In other words, everytime I knocked someone out, I would earn $15 straight up. Oh and top prize was $3000. Sweet.

Over the course of the tournament I made 7 knockouts. That earned me $105, so I'm better than freerolling. Of the knockouts, a more interesting one happened when I was dealt 88 when blind was 60/120. (This would be my 3rd KO.) A guy raised to 360 and I reraised to 1080. He called. The flop showed 792 rainbow. The guy went all in and I was thinking "there's no way you have a 9, and with any overpair over a 9, you didn't reraise me all-in preflop?" I called. He showed a weak 56 suited. He needed an 8 to make a straight but I already have 2 of his outs. Better yet, a 9 came on the turn and he's drawing dead. (ie if he made a straight I would've made my full-house.) Sweet indeed.

I finished the tournament ranked #14. I picked up $115 from the pot, so including the bounties, I made $145. It's not a lot of money but I had a good stab at the $3000 first prize. Not too bad. One thing I noticed about these KO tournaments is that the tables are more action-packed during the early blinds, making the whole game slightly faster. On the downside, the bounty might rush a player into a bad decision, usually a loose call or a loose all-in.

Newest bankroll: $1300.

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