Monday, October 20, 2008

Ups and Downs and Ups - A Quick Update of the $5 Challenge

Posted March 24th, 2008 by phillau

Hey all, i haven't blogged in 16 days! It seemed like forever since I last wrote anything related to poker, or anything period. Between the last update and now my Bankroll had taken a few ups and downs.

Since playing the Knock-Out Tournament, I've been sticking to Sit'n Gos, following the rule that I play 5% of my bankroll per buy-in. At a bankroll of $1300, I was going at the $50+5. I eventually built it up a little and reached $1450. It was time to level-up and hit the $69+6. So I did. Sounds good except I quickly went into a drastic bad run, where I lost consecutive SNGs. As soon as the bankroll fell below $1400 I reverted back to the $50+5, but that didn't help. I just kept running real bad and the result wasn't pretty. My bankroll dropped to as low as $900 before it bounced back. As soon as I had it back up to $1350 I started losing a few again, and it was down to $1100. Eventually, I've grinded it out and right now the bankroll's at $1550. This really shows the importance of bankroll management. If I had played larger buy-in SNGs, my bankroll wouldn't be able to sustain my bad run.

During this time, I've took a trip to Taipei, which is one of my favorite short haul getaway destinations. I had plenty of uber good street food, excessive amount of bubble tea, and then even more street food. The trip only lasted a weekend but it was time well spent. Plus, I had wireless in the hotel room so I could spend the spare times playing online.

Plans for the upcoming months: I target to built my bankroll up to $5000 by hopefully end of April, so when the satellites for the APPT comes around, I can comfortably buy into it without it violating my 5% SNG limit. On the other hand, I'll be playing the satellite for for Melbourne Poker Championship, which is set to take place on May 23rd to 25th. The buy-in is AUD$1100, which is equivalent to about US$1000. I've won step 1 which is the $14+1 satellite into the $50+5 qualifier. Hope all goes well there!

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