Monday, October 20, 2008

Gotta Love a Poker Trip!

Posted May 23rd, 2008 by phillau

Hey all!! I'm getting ready to travel to Macau for the upcoming exciting weekend of the Macau Poker Cup! Plan for these 3 days:

I'm gonna take the 2pm ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, arriving at the door of the hotel at about 3:30pm. I'll then check-in to my hotel room (provided by PokerStars, thanks peeps!). At 4pm I'll be doing some work for PokerStars, in educating media and celebs on poker. I'll be doing this together with none other than 2006 Aussie Millions Champion Lee Nelson! I've met Lee back in Singapore in 2006, and it's certainly a pleasure seeing him again! This should last me till 7pm, when I would be free to goof away for the rest of the night! I'm not seeing big action though, as I wanna save my brain juice for the big game tomorrow. Might just chill out with peers at the cash game table and try my best to stay away from playing.... hahaha.... (i vowed not to play cash game again cuz I suck real bad but external forces always lure me back in.... urgghhh.... external forces....) I might also go out for drinks with some macanese friends of mine.... we shall see....

Sleep in. As late as I can. Yup, this is what I love about a poker trip. All I do is sleep, eat, and poker. I should be waking up by noon, and will brunch it up good on room service (i like room service about a million times more than the breakfast buffet. I never feel like seeing strangers before I'm fully awake...). Think a friend of mine came up with the idea of go-karting? I love that idea and will probably spend an hr or two at the track in the afternoon.... and OF COURSE we're racing for money.... lol.... after that I should be back at the tables playing some SNGs, just to warm things up.... cuz at 8pm, I'm gonna play the $10k HKD Red Dragon Event. That should be very exciting as I know many good players are gonna enter, and the pot should be a healthy HKD million! This should last till 4-5am depending on how deep I get, but I should be ready to crash after.

Sleep in. Yes, again. Room service. Yes, again. And then I'm gonna ferry it back to HK at around 1-2pm in time to spend some quality time with my dog before the sun comes down....

Think this weekend will be a splash... in case I get any down time, I've loaded up my laptop with WSOPE Season 7. Muahahahaha, hey, it's a poker trip!

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