Monday, October 20, 2008

Thru Day 1!

Posted September 4th, 2008 by phillau

Hi guys, I've made it thru Day 1 of APPT Macau Main Event with a stack of 35,600. It's pretty healthy... tomorrow the first round of blinds will be 400/800/100, so i can see about 16 orbits...

Had a pretty card dead day today... the best hand i had was 99 which i won a small pot on a preflop reraise... My stack went from 10k to 12k to 6.5k(!) during the first 3-4 levels of blinds.... (I made a bad bluff and got caught... oh well) at 6.5k I immediately stole the blinds twice to build it back to 8k, and then won a few hands to turn it into 15k. Nothing spectacular.

On about the 5th level of blinds i was dealt 62o on the cutoff. Everyone folded to me so I raised it up. Yeah it's a pretty shitty hand but hey, any two cards, right? button called me and both blinds folded. Flop comes 6x 4x 3x. I was first to act so I bet the pot. Button didn't believe me so he called. Turn comes 6x. I bet the pot again! Button again didin't believe me and this time he minraises. I call. River blanked out but before it landed I checked dark. Button moved all in for the rest of his chips and I snap called. This took me all the way up to 31k.

After that hand it was just a matter of stealing and playing some preflop/flop pots. I finished the day at 35,600 which I'm pretty happy about.

Onto Day 2 tomorrow! I'll keep y'all posted! Peace!

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